Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rum - 5 Fathom

Had my eye on this locally produced black rum for awhile and made the buy this afternoon when I noticed only a single bottle left on the NSLC specialty table. Produced by Barrelling Tide distillery out of Port Williams Nova Scotia the rum presents well in a corked tall clear bottle with an attractive parchment like label.

The rum possesses a nose of molasses and in natural light shows amber in the glass or bottle despite the coal black facade presented on the shelf. Neat in the glass it is delicious in a dessert kind of way with a pleasant mouth feel, subtle burn and easy finish. It is sweet but in a dangerous way that encourages more with no need of ice nor mix.

Over ice the flavor of the rum changes from pleasant molasses to more of a hard candy impression. I like my rums over ice but in the case of 5 Fathom I think I prefer it neat. Subsequently I am not sure one would want to mix anything with the rum, especially anything overtly sweet as the rum provides enough on it's own. My feeling is the rum would get lost in cola due to the mild finish. That said I mixed with some pineapple juice and have to admit it was quite delicious in a boat drink kind of way.

It's a sweet dark rum as expected from molasses based spirits so no surprise. If you like oaky, smokey rums with hints of tobacco this probably will not be your thing. If you like rum cocktails and sweeter rums without a strong burn then this is a winner.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Autumn Archery

 On a lovely October Saturday I got out under the green, red and oranges of the autumn woods. Been dealing with a head cold this week so the morning spent in the fresh air with the bow was definitely what Dr. Fred Bear would have recommended. Sinuses opened up in the crisp morning temperatures though it became surprisingly warm as the day advanced toward noon.

Started the day by repairing my wiki shelter which has been neglected of late. A tee pee style shelter I built it a few years ago primarily to store my animal feed bag archery targets and was in desperate need of winterizing before the first snowfall. Gave me an opportunity to use my newest hatchet, a CRKT tomahawk I picked up on Amazon. An excellent addition to my bush crafting kit.

Using my 55# Hungarian composite bow with bamboo arrows. Speaking of awesome kit this bow is a great shooter with a surprising amount of pop for a 55# draw. Had to double up my target bags to be an effective arrow stop.

Autumn is my favorite time spent under the green with the smells, colors and, most importantly, the lack of bugs; black flies, mosquito's and ticks-though I still do tick checks afterwards cause they can be anywhere at anytime of year. A modern plague of locusts.

Seems like I turned the corner on my head cold as I feel much better after my day outside. Got to loose some arrows too.....nice! Might just salvage the long Thanksgiving weekend after all.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Rum - Plantation Old Fashioned Traditional Dark (OFTD)

The Plantation old fashioned traditional dark is an overproofed monster for sure.At 69% by volume it shows a brilliant mahogany red in the glass and straight up packs a mouth tingling, eyes watering bite with a very flavorable yet intense finish. Designed to mimic the rum rations of the Royal Navy, which were cut with water, the "grog" needed a well muscled rum that packed the recoil punch of an 18 pounder.

On ice the intensity begins to subside as the melt water naturally smooths out the burn and, after a few minutes, reminds me of it's less bold sibling Original Dark - which I personally enjoy as a sipper. The thing I like is as an over proof this rum is surprisingly smooth....even neat the mouth feel is pleasant, albeit with a definite burn.

If you want to make grog this is the rum to use. If you want a rum and cola where the spirit doesn't get lost in the soda this is the rum to use. If you want a rum punch worth remembering this is the rum to use.

Plantation nails it again. Not only is the labeling perfect on a traditional bar style of corked bottle (yup.....I like corked bottles) but their products have yet to disappoint me. I am also really happy that the NSLC has begun a new promotion where they bring in samples of unlisted spirits and sell as temporary specialty items. It just gives us regulars the opportunity to try product not usually found on the shelves. Brilliant!