Friday, June 13, 2008

2006 Agarena....It`s Friday Night!

I know it`s heading into the "guts" of the cycling season and my Friday night wines are usually an offseason blog indulgence but it`s Friday night!

In the glass is a Spanish selection - a 2006 Agarena Bobal/Merlot blend....." combines finesse and powerful aromas with the vinocultural traditions of the area."

The powerful aromas do not apeal to me....I find the bouquet rather sharp but the wine itself is quite good. I have never experienced the Bobal varietal so it might be a question of just being unfamiliar with the grape. It has got a little bite....13% alcohol. Hola!

Sunday is the Provincial road race championship in Riverport. Last week I decided to actually race the event but domestics have transpired against me. My son went on a school trip and was unavailable to watch his sister this week which meant I had no opportunity to train. I managed a neighborhood run but have not been on the bike since last Saturday. Added to that is the fact my spouse was scheduled to work a Sunday day shift! Now I have childcare issues to factor in the equation.

The sad thing is Sunday is also Fathers Day and my wedding anniversary but I had my family blessings to race....only to be thwarted by a school trip and Shoppers Drug Mart.I guess I was not fated to race the event.

The weather looks nice this weekend so best of luck to the BPCC racers. Go get em! I will look forward to the usual club ride on Saturday and, perhaps, a local ride Sunday morning.

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