Friday, June 27, 2008

Giro De Geo - Day 5 - "The Du!"

I had planned at least one substantial athletic endeavor on my vacation week but opting out of the Wednesday ride with the fast boys in Capaliano put the kibosh to that plan. Yesterday`s "recovery" day not only soothed my lower back issues but gave me the incentive to end the Giro De Geo on a high note.

This morning I took advantage of the day and decided to do my first, but unofficial, duathlon. Basically I scooped out a route that would entail a 4km run,28km ride and then another 4km run. Not quite legitimate duathlon specifications but it was just an unofficial "see if I can do it" attempt.

I have been more focused in my run training and am still toying with the idea of doing a duathlon this season. This was nothing more than a scouting mission to see how I feel and to set a training benchmark.

The first 4km run was fine. I am not a speedy runner but it went well. The transition to the bike(in the kitchen)went well and I was off on the bike. The run had no negative impact on the bike and, in fact, seems to be an excellent warmup for the legs. Part of my route involved traffic lights so my cycling stats are somewhat off due to slowdowns and red light stops. The transition off the bike was fine but the start of the run was difficult. I have heard triathletes mention how the switch from the bike to the run was hard the first couple kms as the body takes awhile to readjust, especially factoring in the rising fatigue factor. It was, in simple terms, a weird feeling. The final 4km run was hard but I fell into a "plodding" tempo and gutted out the rest of the run.

Final stats are as follows....

4km run - 26.59 minutes
28km cycle - 57.51 mins(less 4 minutes(ish)of red light time)=53.51 minutes*
4km run - 28.74 minutes.

*(My cycle computer shows an average of 30.6kph over the 28km which would include my traffic light slowdown and stops.)

(Route - the running route was mostly flat with some subtle raises in elevation on the back stretch. The cycling route was mostly rolling hills with a couple steady climbs.)

So the Giro De Geo(my vacation week)ends on a positive note. The legs are pretty sore sitting her on the deck enjoying a well deserved Alexander Keiths Red Amber ale and the cool breeze and intermittant sunshine.

Playing on the radio right now is Creeds Higher.Once again a fitting musical interlude.....

Up high I feel like I'm alive for the very first time
Set up high I'm strong enough to take these dreams
And make them mine
Can you take me higher...

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Cari said...

Hey Geo,

Dualthon would be awesome. Your run times are really good. I'm looking into dualthon myself. At the moment I'm completely opposite to you, stronger runner then riding would improve 100% if I actually owned a road bike.....or any kind of bike for that matter! I'd settle for a unicycle at this point. I've been getting my butt ready for an up coming 10km race called "Jetty to Jetty" I did the same race last year, it was the first race I'd ever done, so I'm looking forward to seeing how a year of running and a couple months of rowing will knock down my time.