Monday, June 02, 2008

ITT Bike - Initial Road Trial.

Today turned out to be a pleasant day so I decided it was time to take the Nebula ITT bike out for it`s first road ride. Suspecting some fit issues I planned on simply riding the Kearney Lake road to take advantage of some nice bike lanes.

The ride out was a bit challenging just getting used to the aero position on the bike. Once I made Blue Mountain road I had a good idea of needed ajustments.The aerobar positioning was OK but the bullhorn bar needed to be raised. I also adjusted the saddle`s fore/aft position.

The ride back in to the city was better but I suspected I needed to raise the whole bar/aerobar setup just a little. Considering the UCI guidelines for ITT bikes it leaves a little window of adjustment opportunity. Once home I raised the stem by one spacer which should help alleviate some lower back/sitbone issues but still keeps my saddle/bottom bracket position and aerobar height within allowable parameters.

I must say I was impressed with the feel of the frame as it was very stiff but felt fairly comfortable. It climbed very well which was a pleasant surprise. The Frankenstein component mix of nine speed Dura Ace,Ultegra and Tiagra cassette worked well and shifted flawlessly. The FSA Vision Tri specific saddle is nice and once I determine my final positioning I suspect it will be quite comfortable.

I`m looking forward to the next road trial....stay tuned.

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