Friday, October 31, 2008

BOO! It`s A Scary Friday Night! Pass The Wine.... calm my nerves!

In the glass on this All Hallows Eve is a wonderful, cherry red type I mean an(equally)delicious 2007 Bouchard Aine&Fils Beaujolais Superieur.
Produced from 100% Gamay grapes it is an easy drinking red wine, perfect for those nights you just wanna have some fun handing treats out to the kids.

It`s been a surprisingly motivated past week and I managed to string together five straight days of training.Most importantly I managed to do a 2.5 mile run on Tuesday complete with some much neglected strength training.

It`s gonna be cool in the AM but the weather looks good for the usual Saturday morning club ride. In soccer terms we are into "extra time" when it comes to decent cycling weather so it`s good to take advantage of the late Fall weather.

What`s that I hear....the resounding "thud" of more ghoulish footsteps upon the theshold? One more gulp of type A and off I creep......bwaaahaaaaahaaaa!

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