Friday, October 03, 2008

It`s October - The Return of Friday Night Wine

Unfortunately it is a sign of the approach of winter as I resume my usual Friday night wine selections. For the inaugural Fall 2008 choice I have a 2007 Chilean Pinot Noir.

In the glass tonight is Cono Sur with a bicycle on the label...rather fitting considering the nature of this blog......

"The bicycle symbolizes our spirit of innovation, passion, commitment and respect for the enviroment.....this Pinot Noir is full of rich aromas of cherry, plum and strawberry finished with a subtle spiciness...."

This is a pleasant wine and made Wineaccess`s 2008 Best Wines under $25 as part of the International Value Wine Awards. At $12(ish)a bottle at the local NSLC it is indeed a nice buy.

The weather should be clear,albeit windy,tomorrow so it could be a challenging club ride. It`s been over a week since I have been on the bike so I am looking forward to getting a ride in the books. Riverport Duathlon is 16 days away and I`m still planning on competing.Should be a masochistic sense anyway.(wink)

Post Script;
The club ride was awesome. It was very windy which made riding in the faster group(s) more challenging for sure. Without much saddle time the last couple weeks I was happy with my effort.67km with a 30.7kph which included the slow 10km ride home.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the fresh new look. Love the colours. I will try the wine and see what I think. I like that you stay within my price range. Say "hi" to everyone for me.

Anonymous C