Friday, November 21, 2008

The Calm Before The Storm - It`s Friday Night!

In the glass tonight is a Peller Estates French Cross Selection.I`m enjoying a Malbec-Cabernet red wine on a cold, snowy night......"Flavors of ripe blacberries and currents are enhanced by enticing cherry and plum aromas."

Considering the first big snowstorm is due to arrive tonight with snowfall amounts listed at 30cm+ beginning around midnight and lasting into Saturday I bought the 1.5litre jug.(wink)

I`ve decided to officially end the outdoor cycling season after the events of last week so,in traditional Holiday spirit...."let it snow!" I might go for my usual Saturday morning spin class or stay home if the weather is nasty. Time will tell.

It truly is the calm before the storm in more ways than one. My spouse and children opted to go see a movie at the theatres so I`m home alone with only the ticking of the clock,the clicking of the keyboard and a glass of wine. All while basking in the halogen glow of the space heater. The quiet is deafening!



The Dickinsons said...

I think every winter you should send me your road bike, that way it wont get out of shape over the long winter, Once spring comes I'll send it back....maybe.
It's now triathlon season here so it would get lots of use!


George said...

LOL. I agree only if I can accompany my bike on the long journey to and from but I guess that would mean you wouldn`t get much ride time in

You gotta get yourself a road the shape you`re in you would be fast...real fast!