Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The 3500!


Reduce caloric intake by 3500 calories per week or burn 3500 calories per week through exercise and you will drop one pound.

Or any combination between diet and exercise to reach 3500 calories - either burned or unconsumed.

Divided by seven days it equals 500 calories per day.

My winter training plan will focus on dietary habits as much as exercise regimen. Effective Dec 1 I have begun to monitor my caloric intake and my caloric expeditures on a weekly basis.

Based upon my weight and age I require about 2900 calories to "keep going". Using better discretion when eating and maintaining my usual weekly exercise plan I aim to avoid my typical winter weight gain and drop some extra pounds heading into Spring and the start of the 2009 cycling season

The plan.......(based upon online calculators.)

Minimum weekly exercise regimen comprises the following....
Saturday 60 minute spin - c.1100 calories burned.
Monday and/or Wednesday spin - c.825 calories burned per class.
Strength/core training - (60 minutes per week).C.600 calories burned.
Sunday Ballhockey(two hours) - c.1400 calories burned.
Running(treadmill@6MPH) - 20 mins.C.300 calories burned.

Total weekly expeditures would be C.5150 calories burned via exercise.

Dietary caloric intake will be based primarily upon daily exercise levels. I will aim to consume 2400 calories per day.On hard(intense)training days this number could(potentially)exceed that amount but will be capped at a maximum of 2900 calories.

Diet remains focused on unprocessed foods including lean protein sources, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and dairy.Over the course of the last year my consumption of fast food and processed foodstuffs has declined measurably so there should not be an issue in regards to trimming back my current caloric intake.

Wish me luck. I`ll track my progress on a weekly basis.

My benchmark - weighed in at 206.3 pounds at 6:15 AM Dec 1. Let the experiment begin.....lol.