Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Update - Through The Glass

It was a pretty quiet weekend with the exception of my daughter having the flu.Poor thing has been sick since Thursday. My usual Saturday training day was postponed as I headed to Bridgewater and spent the day with family. Did some shopping at the Frenchie`s boutique(LOL)and had lunch afterwards. Got a rock on the windshield coming home and got a nasty chip in the glass....ugh!That really sucks!

Sunday morning brought cold temps but clear skies so I experimented with the camera attempting to snap some pics(through the glass of the windows)of the subjects of my new hobby. Birdwatching. Yup......I decided a week ago that I would help out our feathered friends by putting up some feeders and suet cages. It`s kinda neat to be honest. Depending on what types of feeders you use and the type of food offered you can(hope)to attract a wide variety of birds.

I`ve used a platform style of feeder for the(bigger)bully birds - Starlings,Crows and Jays.It also is frequented by my local Squirrel. I have other traditional feeders for the vast array of chickadees,finches and other smaller birds. Last Monday I even had a Downey Woodpecker pay me a visit.

Most people consider them a nuisance but I like crows. They are surprisingly intelligent critters but are preferably ground feeders so I collect food scraps for them and have a spot chosen to make it available. After only two days the "caw" is out and they were waiting for me this morning to bring breakfast.

My pics did not come out very well.....even using a specific lens filter the reflections from the glass(and my hanging plants)made for a couple interesting shots but most were useless.Learning curve.I`ll brave the cold and try and grab some shots from outside and not from the comfort of the couch.LOL.

Ball hockey today was good but didn`t start well. The whole point of warming up the goalie is just that....give the goaltender some shots to warm him up. Not try and pick corners,score or prove how hard you can shoot. Instead of shooting into my pads, gloves or torso to give me a feel for the ball the lads were all drilling the ball trying to score.After about 5 minutes I took a rising slapshot off my mask! OK....warmup was over! Lost my temper, used a few expletives and didn`t return to the net till game time.

Maybe getting angry was a good thing. I played well but also inherited the best team. On paper the squads were even but our guys gelled well and were passing the ball with a crispness.Defensively we also had the stronger team which definitely makes the goalie`s job easier. We won the first game 10-7,the second game 10-6 and were leading 6-2 in the final match when time was up. I played ok but Frank,the opposing goalie,played far better even if it was in a losing effort.Give credit where credit is due. I needed the three wins record now stands at 9-11-1.

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