Friday, January 23, 2009

Aussie Sun-Canadian Snow;It`s Friday Night!

In the glass tonight is a 2007 Banrock Station Shiraz. This South Eastern Australian red wine possesses " Rich and complex cherry, black currant and spicy oak flavors..."

A real nice Shiraz with a color of ripe summer berries, perfect for the bleakest month of a snowy cold Canadian winter. Pass me the bottle please......(wink)

It`s funny how things occur and almost seems predestined sometimes. I have struggled playing goal in ballhockey recently and decided to take the next couple weeks off to have a break. That said I filled in for another group Thursday night and was asked to come back next week as their goalie was injured. They also have had attendance issues and it was suggested that I could also play out of nets if I was so inclined as they needed players.

Needless to say it got me thinking and I realized I started playing goal because of my lower back issues from running around a hard gym floor. Those issues have essentially been contained through weight loss and core strengthening to the point I have started running again. Begs the question - can I start playing out again without any lower back pain?How would the body respond to the stop/starting of gym hockey?

Tonight I called K to ask if I could play this Sunday only to have him say it was perfect timing as he was injured last night and didn`t know if he could play this weekend and he was also away the following week. He was concerned that Sunday and Thursday hockey would require players so my decision to return to playing out of nets was good timing. I`m kinda excited about the prospect and hope my ball handling skills return quickly after a hiatus of several years. If it works out I can see myself mixing up my playing between goaltending and playing out to keep both fresh and interesting.

Tomorrow morning will bring the usual Nubody`s spin class and I intend to take my road bike out to the shop for a tuneup so I`ll be ready to roll come Spring. Till then I`m hunkering down with another glass of Shiraz. Cheers!


The Dickinsons said...

it looks very cold there!!

George said...

Yup...hence the grim look. I think that day it was -30(ish) with windchill.

Send me some Aussie sunshine. I`ve been awfully surly of late(wink)