Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 200.Weekend Update

The 200. 200 what you may ask?

200 pounds. All week I have hovered right around the 200 pound barrier. In February I`m usually pushing 210+ but this year, thanks to my refocus on nutrition, I am actually on the verge of breaking the elusive barrier of 200.

The prospect of entering the 2009 cycling season between 195-200 pounds has me looking forward to the BNS race schedule.

After the debacle of last season the racing looks promising for 2009. Our club was approached by the city(huh?)to actually host the Halifax Criterium around the Commons on May 31. Go figure. They also promised support and will have the course smooth and potholes repaired. Nice! A great race it is fast and fun on a flat course.

Al Mumford has stepped up to the plate and actually formed a company to run races in conjunction with BNS. In may well mean the registration costs may be more but it`s better than having no races. Breakaway Cycling( also host the Provincial ITT Championship in Centreville so I`m very happy about that. I built up a time trial bike last year so I`m keen to have at least one time trial to ride.No firm date but it`s looking like a June event. As well there is a Canada Day Criterium possibly scheduled for my home town of Bridgewater. That will be cool. My participation will depend on the course route. There are some nasty little climbs in the downtown which will make any race held there the territory of the skinny climbers.Hopefully Al can get the sanctions required to host both these events.

Factor in the Riverport road race and the Navy Triathlon/Duathlon held at Shearwater,both scheduled in June,it looks like early summer is gonna be busy. Heading into the Spring at or below 200 pounds with a firm grip on my diet should help prepare me for the May/June racing calender.All I need now is an early end to Winter with a mild March and April to get back on the road.

So,albeit tentative at this point,it looks like I will be competing in the following races for 2009; Halifax Crit, Riverport road race, Navy Duathlon,Provincial ITT,Bridgewater Crit(?)and Riverport Duathlon. Nice!

Ball hockey went ok today considering a terrible start. We got shelled the first game 10-3 in a match that saw both the team and I play terrible. We rebounded in the second match, played well but lost 10-8 in a close back and forth game. I took the loss but played well enough to win. With time running out we did salvage a 4 -2 win to make my second half record stand at 7 -9.

Home to a Quinoa vegetable stirfry and a glass of red wine.

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