Friday, February 27, 2009

Italian Red Meets Chinese White - It`s Friday Night

In the wine glass tonight is a delicious Negroamaro Rosso Salento red wine. Originating from the Puglia region in the heel of Southern Italy this wine made from the Negromaro variety is..."(of) excellent quality and intensity of the spicy, dark fruit which has been enhanced with partial wood maturation."

Whoa......I always had the misconceptions that wines from the hot southern regions of Italy were powerful beasts but this is a great wine to be enjoyed with meats, pastas,cheeses or simply alone. Nice!

In the teacup tonight is the white tea I ordered via Ebay from TasTea,a seller from San Diego California.The Snow Dragon white tea imported from Zhejiang China is simply wonderful. Possessing a golden hue the tea has a well balanced flavor devoid of the grassy aftertaste typical of most green teas.

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