Friday, February 06, 2009

Red Wine and Pumpkin Seeds - It`s Friday Night!

Whew! What a week at work. Crazy busy. No`s Friday night and in the glass tonight is a repeat from last week.Lindemann`s 2008 Shiraz Cabernet. It was so good I bought a couple more

I did find another gem tonight of a different sort. Picked up a jar of organic pumpkin seed butter. I`ve been eating pumpkin seeds as part of my Geo`s mix(almonds, sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds and a few peanuts) and thought I would give it a try. Much less expensive than almond butter, pumpkin seeds are also a superfood high in nutrients and minerals.

Upon opening the jar it did require some stirring as the natural oils had separated while on the shelf. With the consistency of natural peanut butter it had a neutral nutty flavour and made quite the PS&J sandwich.

Also picked up another bottle of unpasturized apple cider vinegar with the "mother" for my daily tonic.It`s actually quite refreshing mixed with a glass of water or apple juice first thing in the morning and helps keep you in an alkaline, healthy state.

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The Dickinsons said...

i'll have to see if i can get that here. nuts bother my belly, so i'm limited with what i can put on toast. that sounds like a good alternative!