Monday, March 23, 2009

BSG, Solo Club Ride And Goalie Distractions - Weekend Update

Having skipped Friday Night Wines due to the two hour conclusion of Battlestar Gallatica(BSG)I was feeling quite primed for the Saturday morning club ride. The sun was shining but it was cool with a 25kph NW wind. I left the shop with a slow group of riders who were all out on their first ride of the season but then veered off solo after they turned around to head back to the shop.

I had a couple options; catch the fast group as they headed out/back from Laurie Park or just do a solo ride. I opted for the latter and cycled out to Fall River, did a couple hill repeats then headed back to Bedford. With the benefit of a tailwind on the return trip I worked on my position on the bike. It`s been a work in progress to develop a comfort level cycling in the drops so this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

Sunday brought more sunshine and warmer temps.I really wanted to get back on the bike but am committed to hockey till mid April. It was hard to get motivated and my play showed it for the most part. I played well but suffered from periodic distractions all afternoon.I benefitted from the stronger squad and,despite my occasional lack of attention,won 3 matches to make my second half record 18-11.

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