Friday, March 27, 2009

Michel Torino and Muscle Strain - It`s Friday Night

In the glass tonight is a 2006 Michel Torino Tannat. A wine from the Calchaqui Valley in Argentina 1700 meters above sea level it possesses "...profound colors,concentrated aromas and marked fruity flavors."

The weather is looking prime for the Saturday club ride so I`m looking forward to cycling in the morning. That said a week ago Thursday I noticed I had developed a muscle strain in the lower ab/upper groin contributed to by running but brought on by ballhockey. Playing nets on Sunday feels OK but playing out on Thursday nights seems to aggravate the area.No doubt the sudden stop starting of gym hockey combined with the hard surface has resulted in a pretty sore groin.

I only have three weeks of Sunday/Thursday hockey remaining so I will attempt to nurse myself through to the season`s conclusion. In the meantime I will back off my running and Swiss ball core work as both affect the strained area.Not exactly the best plan in terms of my duathlon training but alas.....cycling remains my main focus for 2009.

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