Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Sweeping Cascade - Weekend Update

Having done an intense gym workout on Saturday where I completed core and weight training combined with treadmill intervals and a sixty minute spin class I indulged myself with a Guinness stout. I`ve been quite regimented in my diet these last couple months so rewarded myself with the visual pleasure of the Guinness "cascade" and the taste experience of a glass of the black gold.Delicious!

I headed to ball hockey on Sunday quite confident in my game. After falling to the depths of goalie despair in January I have rebounded well and I am playing my best goal to date. I figure my decision to play Thursday nights has definitely helped - practice does make perfect- and my fitness has never been better.

Today I was fortunate enough to inherit the stronger of the teams with a squad well rounded and strong in all aspects of the game. We won a close match 10-9 but quickly began to dominate the opposing team after winning the second match 10-7. Our team speed became the deciding factor as we won the final match 10-3. I played well but not spectacular as the team in front of me limited both the number of shots and odd man rushes. Made my job much easier. My second half record now stands at 10-9 after today`s sweep. Nice!

Oh yeah.....had another Guinness as a post hockey recovery

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