Thursday, April 09, 2009

Between A Rock and a Hard Place!

The big bad world just handed me another solid kick to the ribs last night when I discovered my car missing this morning.

"No #$&%ing way!", I exclaimed this morning at 6:15AM when I was heading out the door on my way to work. Car stolen right out of my driveway. Second time in the last 10 years.

To add insult to injury I have sunk about $4000 over the last couple years to keep my 98 Dodge Stratus in good operating condition, including $2200 for a complete exhaust system and new rocker panels only two weeks ago.

#%@& me!

Today I alternated from seething anger to desperate resignation,experiencing a wide variety of emotions. Times are hard! Domestically my finances are on the razor`s edge so I find myself between the Devil and deep blue sea. In need of a vehicle but unable to carry a new car loan. I doubt insurance will offer me much for a 10 year old domestic vehicle with 200 000 kilometers on the dial. I hope for the best but I suspect this won`t end well for me. I`m pretty much #&$%ed!

It`s been pretty much a downward spiral since 2004 and last night was the latest setback in a series of misfortunes.I`ve had my full measure of bad luck of late and try to stay positive although the world is beginning to wear me down.

The weather looks prime for Good Friday and since I will not make the family meal in Chelsea I`m gonna ride my bike and leave my troubles behind somewhere on the road. As a good friend once said......"Alas....this too shall pass."


Jeanne said...

Shucks, George, I had no idea things like that happened in Halifax! (I'm naive) I will send negative vibes to that person. Just think karma will even things out.

The Dickinsons said...

man that really sucks, I'm thinking of you, stay positive and good things will come.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't kill you it is bound to make you stronger. Good thing the Henley's are are made of tough stuff. Need anything, be sure to call.