Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Ride

Jumped into one of the several group rides today in sunny and warm weather. I really needed a good chance to burn off some stress and today I accomplished that goal.

We left the shop with eight riders and, rather surprisingly, the tempo was fast from the outset.I am amazed how well everyone is riding so early in the season after a long winter. We experienced some swirling winds that caused some suffering on the way out but meant we might benefit on the return trip.

Heading into the Fall River hill I found myself in the unfortunate position of leading out the climb. Fully expecting to be passed forthwith I pushed hard on the bottom half of the climb and remained on the front until I pulled off midway up the hill. The group had split and three riders passed me so I grabbed the last wheel and hung on until we crested and began the descent to Fall River.`s not often I enjoy any climb but that was fun. Thanks to AF,GM and CH for pulling me up over the top of the hill.

The ride out to Laurie Park was steady as was the return back to Waverley. Once on Rocky Lake road the group splintered as the pace increased and I found myself bridging a gap to AF and GM who got away on the small(but deceiving) hill past the Powdermill Lake. Having caught on after the false flat I was fourth man behind an unknown rider who latched on to the two man lead group. Halfway across the flat exposed section heading to the train tracks GM pulled off which placed AF driving the group against the swirling crosswind. We crossed the tracks at which point I passed the unknown rider who was dumping speed on the climb. GM,showing some roadie spunk, followed my leadout and attacked on the climb.I had nothing left to respond so AF had no choice but to dig deep despite the recent pull and go after the attack.

I spent the remainder of the ride chasing both back to Bedford and caught them waiting at the traffic lights. Whoa.......what a fun, fast but safe ride. Thanks guys!Back at the shop I had a 31+ kph average over 60 kilometres. The post ride cycle home to Clayton Park ended my day with 70 kilometres and a 29.4 kph average.

Geo`s thumbs up.....

GM for successfully applying the roadie tactic of draft, recover then attack at the opportune time and place.

AF for responding to said attack and riding strong to reel in the breakaway rider.Nice!

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MurrDogg said...

Awesome ride all around! Glad you could join in Geo! This was a great sign of more great rides to come. Can't wait to get back out there and learn some new tricks. Thanks for the kind words. You're an inspiration to both new and seasoned riders alike. Now if only the weather would cooperate!
Happy trails! And Happy Easter!