Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Club Ride - April 25 09

The weekend was forecasted with awesome warm and sunny weather so off I went to Bedford for the BPCC club ride. I stayed away from the wine Friday night so was feeling prime for a spirited ride this morning. The ride out along the Bedford highway was a good warmup but I quickly realized I was overdressed with a mid weight winter jersey as a base layer and my CSC jersey as a top layer.

Ditched my gloves in AA`s car and joined the second group leaving the shop.We pacelined using the CCW rotation which worked well in the experienced group of riders. After a easy climb past Canadian Tire the pace picked up. We opted to cycle through Fall River Village which added some distance and climbing to the route.Exiting the subdivision we climbed the Fall River hill which hurt. Ugh!

Jumped in a different group out to Laurie Park and with the tailwind it was awesome!We were cruising! Heading back I(essentially)was in the same group with the addition of EW having SM opt to ride back with a following pack.Paying for the tailwind out with a headwind back to Bedford it hurt. Both V? and KB are riding so strong that it was tough to hang on. I found myself on V?`s wheel so assuming the pull using the cw rotation taxed me to the max. Unfortunately I found myself pulling into the infamous hill/false flat past Powdermill lake and fell off the back as the line passed me. Digging deep I tried to get back on and was helped by the lads who sat up somewhat and V? who dropped back to pull me back to the fellas. Once at the last set of train tracks both EW and I were gapped by the other two but still pushed hard back to Bedford.Good training.

Legs sure feel the effort this afternoon. Whoa!

Geo`s thumbs up...

YL looking smart on his new Trek road rocket! Sweet bike!
V? for pulling me back to the group on the Rocky Lake road.

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