Monday, April 06, 2009

Thrown To The Wolves - Weekend Update.

Actually I volunteered to face the beasts. With my ballhockey winding down for the season I found myself goaltending for the better squad on Sunday. We easily won the first match 10-5 led by superior passing, better defense and my decent netminding.

There were rumblings from the other squad about the fairness of the draw(teams are picked by random)so I offered to switch teams. I was hoping there would be another trade as well to even out the teams but alas.....I found myself facing down the juggernaut I had played for earlier. It was a good opportunity to see if my good form was the result of hard work and good conditioning or more the case of just playing in front of the better teams.

The second game started close and was a see saw affair until the other squad opened up a 8-4 lead. It wasn`t looking good but we rallied(or the other team eased back) and we actually tied the game at eights.If anything it was a moral victory. Sadly we gave up two goals and dropped the match 10-8.

With 30 minutes remaining we started the final match. The lads were feeling good after the last game,albeit in a losing effort,and I played very well to preserve a 7-5 win as the time expired.

My second half record improves to 22-12-1 even with the trade. To conclude a good day in nets I also ended up playing an additional hour with the next group in the facility who were short a goaltender. Three hours of high intensity ballhockey and I`m feeling prime today. Gotta love it!

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