Thursday, May 07, 2009

Into May...Time To Focus.

With the theft of my car in April my training schedule has been disrupted somewhat as my focus has been on domestic finances, car shopping and the stresses involved in any change.

Thankfully the vehicle was recovered yesterday and much of my personal effects remained in the vehicle, including my cell phone accessories, CD`s and stuff in the trunk.The insurance company assigned an assessor to view the vehicle and he will write the vehicle off at my request.It`s hard to say how the vehicle was treated while AWOL for 3 weeks and I have since bought another car. Why take a chance that the motor or tranny were abused? The vehicle is in good shape but I don`t want the headaches, especially considering the expenses involved in re-registering and re-insuring the car.

Someone will get a good car for a pittance from the auto salvage.I`ll take the insurance cheque,assume a loss, but finally put this whole thing to bed.Done deal.

Tonight I officially refocused my training. I closed my gym membership in an attempt to accomodate the(now)tight monthly budget,considering the new car loan, so I needed to view my training in a different light. For the summer and fall it might be a good thing as it will force me to run more often rather than to head to the gym.Come the winter it might be tougher to do without the convienence of a gym membership and my strength training will suffer. I do have some home weights and a Swiss ball so I can do some exercises. A medicine ball might be a good investment.

In wet foggy conditions I did get in a hilly 5.3km run. I am no speedster but the run felt good. The Navy Tri/Du is scheduled for early June and was one of the races(duathlon)on the Triathlon Nova Scotia schedule I intend to do.

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The Dickinsons said...

cool pic of you running. glad the whole car thing is behind you. good luck with your training. we love our medicine ball!