Friday, May 22, 2009

July in May? It`s Friday Night!!!!

Go figure? Today(May 22) the local temps got up to 28C in Halifax. Wow! After leaving work, hopping on a bus to Dartmouth to pick up my car(getting serviced), grabbing some groceries and beer on the way home I find myself on the back deck enjoying the evening weather.

Wow........what a beautiful day! Enjoying a glass of red wine after a couple Sleeman`s earlier basking in the sunshine of the front deck I decided to grab the laptop and do some blog updating. I`m looking forward to the club ride tomorrow but am still a bit skittish after last night`s incident. Cycling home from dropping the car off at Dartmouth Dodge I was "cut off" by an inattentive motorist turning onto the Windsor Junction road. Whoa! After locking up the brakes and keeping the bike upright I managed to avoid both the quarter panel of a Buick and stay upright. Crikey - I was pissed!

In the glass tonight is a Stanley Shiraz Cabernet blend, now available in a 4 litre cask at the NSLC. A decent wine at a value packed price. Priceless!

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