Saturday, May 30, 2009

June 2009

Heading into June already! Nice! You wouldn`t know it from the rainy dreary weather outside this morning. I guess I`ll opt out of the usual Saturday club ride. Probably a good thing since tomorrow if the 2009 Halifax Criterium. Our club is hosting the race as past of the HRM Bike Week so it should be a good time, especially since the weather forecast is looking like sun and 18c.I am working the event but also racing the Master B/C category. It`s a good event for me on wide, FLAT boulevards around the Commons.

Next week I`m on vacation which is nice considering next Sunday is the Navy Triathlon at Shearwater. They piggyback a duathlon on the event which is what I will be participating in. Having the week off will give me a chance for some last minute run training and cycling in the aerobars. Hopefully I will be able to scope out the run course which(I believe) is outside the confines of the airbase. The cycling course is on the tarmac so it is also dead flat but subject to the coastal winds.Hopefully next Sunday will be calm.

Later in June is also another triathlon/duathlon at the Greenwood airbase in the Annapolis valley which I`m hoping to manage to attend. It`s an early start which means a very early departure from Halifax but it is managable.Factor in my expected attendance at the Riverport duathlon in the Fall and the combined OEM fees for the three events I opted to become a card carrying member of Triathlon Nova Scotia to match my Bicycle Nova Scotia race license. Between the two sporting bodies I hope to participate in six events this season.

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss you at the gym this AM. Enjoy the day and I'll see you tomorrow at the crit.