Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Club Ride May 2 2009 - Afternoon Edition.

Wet rainy conditions in the morning meant that some likeminded fellas opted to do an unofficial club ride later in the day. Under spitting/light rain the group of 8 riders headed off at 3pm to do the usual route.

Deciding to ride the traditional CCW rotation the group dynamics were good with everyone riding strong. We detoured into Fall River Village enroute to the Fall River Hill and introduced a couple fellas to the joys of cycling off the beaten track of a subdivision. Hopefully folk will all realize how the wide streets, lack of traffic and hills make for a great addition to the usual route. Plus it adds some good hill training and extra kilometres.I expect too see some of the sub-groups to add the Fall River village to their agenda.

The jaunt out to Laurie Park was fast with the tailwind but difficult against the headwind on the return. We ran into a rain squall in Waverley but generally stayed dry for most of the ride. I found myself pulling into the infamous climb past Powdermill Lake but pulled off at the start. Since we were rotating CCW I effectively blocked any attacks as I dropped back and managed to stay in contact with the group. In fact it was a fast ride with the group staying together right to the last set of train tracks on Rocky Lake road. Nice!

Ended up with about 54km and a 31.7 average. Not too shabby considering I gymed it this morning and did a 2.5 mile run followed by some weight training.

Geo`s thumbs up....

DR riding his new Giant with matching Easton deep dish aero wheels. Nice bike!
MJ losing his lunch at Sobey`s but riding strong for the rest of the ride.Atta boy!
NL showing off the new training kit for the Nova Scotian Canada Games cycling squad.Blue and yellow Michelin jersey and short. Very nice!

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