Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 2008 - Betwix and Between`s official! We`re into July although the weather is more befitting May.Rain,fog and more rain with the occasional glimpse of sunshine. The good news is the local cycling schedule is promising this season. Quite a few events to participate in over the course of the summer,ranging from races,fast club rides and charitable events.

To date I got in a duathlon(Navy Tri/Du),a couple metric centuries,the Halifax Crit and the Riverport road race,albeit with a cost.Not only did my venerable Velomax Orion 2 rear wheel go out of true during the race but the rim was cracked. Since Easton bough Velomax and changed the product line I was unable to get a replacement rim to match the hub.Rats! I loved that wheelset!

I`m at a quandary! Dip into my company share program(re:new bike fund)that is just starting to rebound from the financial meltdown for a new set of(sturdy)wheels suitable for a 200+ pound clydesdale cyclist(my options are limited)or suffer through with the older Mavic Open Pro/Ultegra wheelset currently relegated to my time trial bike and hope to make a new bike purchase in 2010?

If I opt for new wheels then I might as well upgrade my current Devinci Silverstone road bike as it is in need of a new drivetrain)and put off any new bike purchase further down the road.

What to do? GRRRRRRR.Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime the month of July looks promising; this Sunday is the first Sportif hosted by Breakaway Cycling. A supported multi club 100 kilometre ride out of Windsor.Should be a blast! Two weeks later the Heartland tour will be doing the Peggy`s Cove loop to bring awareness to healthy lifestyles and heart health. That will also be fun and I registered today to participate. At the end of the month Breakaway Cycling will be hosting a one day stage race; a mass start short race to a hill climb finish in the AM,a 10km ITT mid day and a 50km(ish)road race in the PM.

Now if my old wheels hold up I should be good to go. Wish me luck!


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