Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contrary To Popular Opinion.... is the destination that is important and not the journey. In this case at least. After a convoluted summer of old bike/new bike issues that began with my cracked Velomax Orion 2 rim in June I have come full circle as of today.

With the purchase of EW`s(used but nearly new)Shimano Dura Ace wheels I now can officially say my new road bike is complete. Between the full carbon frame and sweet,smooth as silk wheelset the bicycle is absolutely awesome. Many thanks to the guys at the shop, BM for setting me up with the new ride and EW for the deal on the wheels.

The only negative is I no longer can blame my lack of fitness on anything but the rider.(wink)

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Anonymous said...

My son Ken thinks you have an AWESOME bike Geo... you lucky devil!