Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Cold

Yup. Not only has this summer been unseasonably wet and cool but I also came down with a head cold. BLECK! A nasty piece of work I`m still feeling awful a full five days into the malady.

After backing off the running for a couple weeks I had hoped to get my duathlon training ramped up with the Riverport Du six weeks away. Sick with a cold this week was a complete writeoff.

Despite the lingering illness I am commuting to work tomorrow. At some point it occurred to me that my old mothballed Schwinn MTB in the basement would make an ideal bike to travel to and from work. Not quite sure why it took me so long to consider the option? While not the ideal choice for a commuter bike it would not be a huge loss if stolen. First priority would be to add some "slick" tires to expedite better rolling resistance.

Mostly downhill to the Armdale roundabout and my workplace it is mostly uphill on the return trip to home. With some detours to extend the trip I can conceivably make it a training ride heading into the fall/winter seasons. Since I closed my gym membership the commute home followed by a neighborhood run may very well be my exercise plan for the near future.

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