Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cyclesmith Cylocross Series - Fall 2009

I`ve been checking out the CS cross series at Seaview Park lookoff this month. Cross racing is pretty cool, a marriage between the fat and skinny tired cycling worlds.

The nice thing about the series is the fact you can compete whether you have a MTB or cross bike so it is doable for most folk. The course is tweaked each week to give the riders something different and,in cross racing,the weather certainly plays a pivotal role. The wetter the better.

As a spectator it is fun to watch with riders all along the short course cycling on everything from groomed trail,grass and mud. If it wasn`t for my Sunday afternoon ball hockey I figure I`d put down the camera and pick up the bike but alas....

Check out the pics(Picasa album)to the left. Enjoy!

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