Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome back C!

Used up my last POD day today to head to Chelsea and visit with my sister who is home visiting from Australia. Unfortunately the wires got crossed and she was expecting us next Wednesday and was away getting her hair colored when we arrived. No big deal....a quick visit with mother and Wilfie then my wife,daughter and I dropped in the hair salon to see C. Despite being covered in a cape and tinfoil it sure was good to see her again. Been quite awhile. Looks like we will be able to grab a couple hours this weekend so that will be nice.

I often joke about the "Henley" black cloud that follows me around but the day only got worse. My car has the TPMS feature that will chime and flash an icon at you when tire pressure drops in one of four wheels. Sure enough it went off today on the highway. A quick inspection didn`t reveal an impending flat so I continued home to Halifax. A further check and addition of air to all tires in the driveway didn`t work...the stupid light and chime still occurs! Swell - probably a malfunctioning sensor. A new one will spot me about $50 plus labor. GRRRRR!

While taking a test drive to see if the TPMS issue was fixed I got the "Change Oil" message on the heads up display. I was due for an oil change so it wasn`t a big surprise and I headed off to the dealership in Dartmouth and the quick lube. Traffic around rush hour was awful but the oil change was fast,although the cost rather high....$60.What happened to the $30 oil change? While we waited my daughter wanted something from the vending machine. I was loathe to use my quarters as I would need 75 cents for the bridge toll but had enough for both. In fact one of the remaining three quarters was a pre 1967 silver coin. I remember thinking how rare they are nowadays.

At the bridge toll I chuck in my three quarters, including the silver one and proceeded through towards the gate. All the while I watched the digital display counting down my fare....75 - 50 - INVALID COIN!

NO WAY! I braked knowing the gate would not open. Invalid coin? So here I am at the toll with no more quarters,in rush hour with a guy on my bumper waiting to pass through the toll. I can get change at either end of the tolls but would have to pass over 3 lanes of fast end of day cranky traffic at dusk.Sounds like a death wish to me! I walk over to the vehicle behind me who has a vested interest in seeing me on my way and the arsehole wouldn`t even roll down his window when I tried to ask him if he had a spare quarter. Crikey! What was I gonna do...carjack the jerk! If he didn`t have a spare coin that was least I could apologize for the delay.

Frustrated I am standing in the tolls with the look of a deer in the headlight glare,out of options other than the death dash across traffic,no assistance from the bridge commissars(I`m sure they would be running over if I went through the gate without paying tho....GRRRRRR)when a lady passenger in the adjacent car asked if I needed a quarter. My faith in the goodness of humanity has been partially restored. I thanked her while pressing my toonie(2 dollar coin)into her hand,chucked the quarter in the slot and sprinted back to my car all the while giving the arse in the car behind me the "look!".

A sigh of relief until I saw the traffic jam from here to eternity. On Bayers Road my gas light pops on as company for the TPMS light that is glaring at me through the steering wheel. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Note to self - I guess silver coins don`t register at the bridge tolls. Always have extras so stay away from coin sucking vending machines.

Despite it all it was good to see my sister today even if it was for just a few moments. My tribulations were all worth it. Now.......a glass of wine is in order.

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The Dickinsons said...

it was really awesome catching up with you guys today! thanks for the yummy spread of food and lovely glass of wine! xo