Sunday, December 20, 2009

Geo`s Ball Hockey - Self Assessment

Today I completed the first half of the 2009/2010 ball hockey season as we are now done till the first week of January with the Christmas break now upon us. Heading into the break I am very happy with my performance and fitness in both my goaltending and playing out on Thursday nights.

My goaltending has been very consistent this season and probably a combination of my overall fitness level and increasing skills between the pipes. The body has responded well and I`ve been seeing the ball much better this season.Regardless of the team in front of me each game my netminding has been steady and I think the numbers reflect the effort.

We play for two hours each Sunday(I sometimes play(back up)goal on Thursday) and usually manage to squeeze 3 matches in each session as we play to 10 goals wins. My numbers at the half way point of the season.....

Games Played - 34
Goals For - 252
Goals Against - 226
Shut Outs - 1
Overall record(W/L) 21-12-1

This season I started playing Thursday night full time having started last season as an alternative goalie/defenseman. I was sceptical at first fearing the body would not like the pounding and stop starting of gym hockey.My past lower back issues are always in the back of my mind but the successful transition to running and duathlons this past summer steeled me with courage to return to all aspects of ball hockey.

It`s been close to a decade since I started playing nets due to my wonky back and recurrant back spasms but it felt good to shoot on the net rather than stop shots. Like riding a bike the skills are taking some time to return but are still there and after each game I`m feeling more confident. I am predominately playing defense until my shooting,floor vision and ball handling skills improve. So far the lower back is OK but I gotta admit the interval type running,(unattentional)contact(it is fun competitive hockey afterall)and stop/starting really makes for some overall body soreness the next day. Alas.....that`s what Advil and beer is for(wink).

My numbers at the halfway point of the season....

Games Played - 21
Goals - 10
Assists - 25
Overall record(W/L) - 13/8

Looking forward to the start of the second half of the season in January. I am feeling the twinges of my elbow tendonitis after today`s effort in nets so the holiday break was well timed. That will be the key....whether this 46 year old body can keep up with this 20 something brain.(wink)

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