Friday, February 26, 2010

Geo`s Gone Paleo!

Update - Effective today I am now grain and diary free.

One of my concerns was how Paleo nutrition would affect my athletic endeavors. Having read Paleo Diet for Athletes last week I have begun to incorporate some of the principles into my pre and post exercise nutrition.

The results so far have surpassed my expectations. My running has improved - stamina seems unchanged and I have begun hill intervals this week to help develop some sprint power. I`m playing some of the best goaltending to date in ballhockey and my efforts outside of the pipes is also getting better. It has been years since I played out as the impact of start/stopping running wreaked havoc on my lower back.Not only am I back playing painfree but my endurance and strength on the ball is awesome.

I`m sure the gains I`m seeing in running and ballhockey is a direct correlation to my continued weight loss. Usually in winter I gain weight but this year it is the opposite effect. To put it in perspective I weighed 216 lbs+ on January 4 and today(Feb 26) I weighed in at a svelte(for me)202.2 lbs. Whereas it might not be for everyone and does require lots of dietary discipline Paleo nutrition is working for me.

The true litmus test will be this Spring when the longer,harder efforts both on the bicycle and the run preparing for the BNS road races and TNS duathlons are required. Time will tell but I`m feeling prime right now.


The Dickinsons said...

hey, welcome to the club! this is pretty much how i eat, i just didn't know there was a name for it! to be honest, i wasn't taking care of myself for awhile there and was eating whatever i wanted. i've been back to strictly following a wheat and dairy free diet with limited sugar for about 3 weeks now (to get my health back on track) and lost about 5 pounds without changing anything else. i think eating that way just leaves out the unhealthy junkie stuff, making you an overall more healthy person. i'm finding i eat less and feel overall better...less bloated and foggy on a daily basis. keep us posted on how you find it!

George said...

It rocks! Protein at every meal keeps me full. I don`t crave junk food nor do I crave breads,dairy or sweets.Basic foods taste awesome without the added sugars, fats and salt.

I`m slimming down yet adding lean muscle....God. I knew I had abs...just couldn`t see them for the layer of fat.

I`m Paleo all the way...counting calories I stuggled, eating by the GI I struggled,small portions I stuggled and going low fat I suffered. Not anymore. This is easy!

I too basically stumbled on`s really all about basic nutrition and eating smart.

Anonymous said...

George, I am trying this and need some ideas on what to eat. What do you have for breakfast? I'm am a little stuck. Can you give me a sample of how you would eat in the run of a day.

Your sister,


George said...

Average workday...

Breakfast - 1(2) eggs,either a pork chop/steak/shrimp(you can get the fast fry meat which is a perfect size), 2 pieces of fruit and a glass of 100% juice.

Snack - my nut/seed mixture(2 ounces)or a piece of fruit.

Lunch - Spinach salad with tomatoes, cukes,mushrooms,carrots,broccoli(or what veggies I have handy).For dressing I use olive oil and a squeeze of lime but any salad dressing would do.

Some kind of protein....shrimp, tuna, sardines etc. Maybe a piece of fruit.

Snack - fruit if I don`t eat it at lunch.

Supper - usually fish(fresh or frozen) poached in tinfoil in the oven.Dead easy and fast(a salmon filet with a little olive oil, lemon,pepper and herbs. Carrots and turnip(chunked) and steamed.Yes...steamed veggies rock. Delicious and quick.

Usually two cups of tea per day. Lots of water(with lemon/lime wedges). A glass of red wine as a night cap.

Done deal.

George said...

The other thing I do is shop every other day.....just stop in at the the Superstore and/or Sobeys and see whats on special. That is the key...take 10 minutes on the way home to see what(fresh)seafood or meat is on sale. Same with veggies.

Tonight I found trout fillets for less than $2 each and mangos at 2 for $1.50.Wednesday I picked up a turkey breast reduced by 30% cause it was two days from it`s best before date. $6 for a meal that fed us all and made sandwiches for the kid`s lunches.

It takes some work but it`s worth it in the end.

The Dickinsons said...

i do the salad at lunch thing too and have started putting canned salmon on my salad. it's super easy, yummy, a nice change from tuna and a great way to get your daily fish. so glad you're feeling good geo! i too haven't been craving dairy, wheat or sugar. i think you're right that the protein keeps you satisfied. plus, i find a nice cup of tea, peppermint or green helps to make me feel full between meals. i've also started having V8 juice once a day, since you mentioned it and i find that quite filling and surprisingly yummy!

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