Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paleo Diet For Athletes

Ordered a copy which arrived yesterday. Chock full of useful imformation and quite easy to read and understand. You do not require a PHD to understand the concepts.(wink).


Breads and Grains - Yesterday was also the first day where I went completely gluten free. Typically I would have a slice or two of whole wheat toast with my morning eggs but decided to go without.

Processed Foods - I have also completely eliminated processed foods successfully from my diet. That was not a stretch as I have been weaning myself off of fake foods for some time.

Dairy - Work in progress. Cheese has always been a favorite but I have managed to avoid any for a couple days. Every now and then I have an ounce or two usually when I am preparing a meal for the kids. A little shredded Swiss on a spinach salad is so good too. Other than that I take a little coffee cream in my java or black tea. I have rediscovered Earl Grey tea and I enjoy it black.I usually limit my coffee(with cream)intake to a cup(or 2)a day(in the AM)so between the dairy free white,green and Earl Grey teas I have lots of alternative options.

Salt - After learning about the salt abuse in Western diets(see Pillar of Salt)I have been weaning myself away from the shaker. Rediscovered herbs which now have become predominate in my food prep

Almost two months into my Paleo experiment I must admit I am actually enjoying the process.I picked up Paleo Diet for Athletes to further understand how to incorporate nutrition into my upcoming cycling and duathlon seasons. Concessions can be made which involve facilitating recovery from intense athletic endeavors but,essentially, the premise of the Paleo Diet remains intact.

I have discovered that The Atlantic Superstore and Sobeys both carry hormone and pesticide free meats and a good variety of organic produce. I have also rediscovered fresh seafood.If you are willing to check the flyers and shop around all can be had at competitive prices. Last night I enjoyed a fillet of fresh Rainbow trout purchased for $2.78 CDN.It was delicious! You are what you eat and a little extra effort is well worth the time.


Anonymous said...

Smile in your pictures. You look way too serious. I think I heard somewhere smiling is good for you and contagious.

I am following what you write about this diet closely. I may try it. I will soon be the biggest person in my household. Geoff lost 20 pounds!! Won't be long at this rate and I will weigh more than he does. Oh my!!

Coming to the city on Monday, we may stop in to say hi.

Pippy CS

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