Saturday, March 13, 2010

80% Solution

For years I suffered with back pain and stiffness and generally adhered to the 80% solution - if I could get 80% pain and stiffness free that was acceptable. The rest of the time I would cope with the discomfort. Being 80% normal I could still do the things I like.

When my symptoms would flare up due to injury,stress or sport I would seek relief chiro to address my issues,feel better then start the whole process over again.No more. I decided I would address my issues at the root cause and,hopefully,rediscover and retrain my spine to become normal.

Found a local Wellness clinic close to home(literally across the street)and had an accessment after I experienced severe neck pain and stiffness last month.Having run hill intervals on a Wednesday I awoke with some stiffness yet played ball hockey Thursday night. The following Friday I was a mess.Throbbing pain in my upper back/neck and no vertical nor lateral range of motion of my head.

Traditionally it was always my lower back that was the problem.I had a weaker set of lower back muscles I have since strenghtened and resolved for the most part. Since my crash on the railway tracks in 2005 my neck,shoulders and upper back have since become the trouble areas.

I had both a Themography and sEMG scan done of my spine which revealed multiple vertebral subluxations and postural distortions;anterior head carriage,trunk,pedal and pelvic.Add to it a lateral flare in my left foot. Crikey!

Plan - Having scheduled 2 visits per week for about 2 months should retrain my body to accept and hold proper alignment along with whatever "homework" Dr.K assigns me to do. After this stabilization stage then I will enter the maintenance stage where, unlike the past, I will followup with my caregiver on a regular basis to monitor my condition.

Outcomes - there is no doubt in my mind and Dr.K seems to agree that once I "fix" my issues that it will only enhance my sporting activities.That said I have put running on hold which may have an impact on my participation in the 2010 duathlon series. Until I can see how my treatment goes over the next 8 weeks I do not want to hinder my progress by the strain of running, especially if the lateral flare in my foot is related to my condition. I may need an orthotic so until that option is discussed it`s best to avoid running.

The positive thing is BNS has opted to switch to Ability based racing for 2010. Previously your race Cat was age based but it was daunting for new/inexperienced racers to compete against seasoned veterans. As a result numbers were dwindling with little new blood coming into road racing.The advantage of ability Cats is you race, regardless of your age,in the category that suits your fitness/skill level.It enables BNS to offer a "sport" category that is perfect for experienced cyclists but new/part time racers. Not only will it attract new participants but as their fitness/skills increase it becomes a perfect training zone for eventually promotion upwards into the Senior/Elite cats.It also allows friends to race together regardless of your age differences. I think it will generate interest when training buddies know they can also be racing buddies.

I have also signed on as Male Athlete Representative for BNS Road Racing and sit on the organizing committee. We are all excited about ability based racing and hope to rejuvenate the racing scene for 2010. Stay tuned!

2010 is beginning to look like a makeover year for me. Not only have I adopted a new nutritional approach to diet but I`m addressing my chronic neck/back issues with a structured Wellness plan. New diet,new body = new attitude.

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