Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cycle Commute

With my nutrition now flipped from a primarily grain(carb)based diet to a more natural one consisting of unprocessed foods;lean protein,fruits and veggies it`s time to move on to the next stage. It`s an easy one. After cycling to work in the Fall of 2009 I`m keen to make bike commuting my mode of transportation for the Spring/Summer and Fall of 2010. Not only is is faster than the transit but the climb home gives me a chance to work on my fitness. I probably have the perfect commute...mostly downhill to work but pretty much all uphill to home. The added option is that I could expand my route to add milage if I wish.

Do to the unseasonably Spring like weather in early March today will be my first day taking the bike to work. Gonna use the Norco hardtail initially but may switch to the Devinci roadbike on those days I will take the long way home. I`m just a little concerned about bike security and would hate to lose my venerable Devinci to a thief. A second hand Norco that I bought for $600 is less of a loss. Guess I should revisit bike locks and,maybe,invest in something more secure.

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