Saturday, March 06, 2010

First Official Club Ride of 2010

Hovering around -3 with windchill and dealing with gusty winds I headed out for the first official club ride of 2010. Under sunny skies about 14 hearty riders headed out to Fall River facing a wicked head/cross wind. Along the exposed sections of the Rocky Lake road it was a challenge to maintain 24kph against the brutal wind gusts. Crikey!

EW had a mechanical so it was only the two of us out to Sobeys.We didn`t have the benefit nor shelter of a paceline so we just slogged it out till we reformed up with the group in Fall River.

Heading out to Laurie Park was a continuation of the pain and misery brought on by the winds but KT, PD and I maintained a decent tempo till the turnaround. By this point I was pleasantly surprised how well the legs were performing and how good I felt on the bike. Might be a good sign for the coming season.

At Laurie Park all riders formed up one return group with the anticipation of a swift tailwind whetting everyone`s appetite.Once back on the road the tempo was fast and fun. Misery switched to jubilation as the paceline sailed along thanks to the tailwinds. At one point on the front I was working at(about) 80% effort and was clocking 42kph. Sweet!

Turning on to Rocky Lake the tailwind became more of a crosswind but still was at your right hip so the speed remained high as the lads all began the usual ritual of "racing" back to Bedford. I still was having good form and the legs were strong so I was able to hang in with the "movers". Powered by Paleo I had game today...even on the hills. I was concerned how my paleolithic nutrition would affect my performance on hard efforts but if today was any indication I have nothing to worry about.Time will tell but the results so far are positive.

Powered by Paleo is my new motto. After years of searching for the right diet I feel like I am finally found the right mix.Nice!

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The Dickinsons said...

i'm really liking the look and feel of your blog. the pics of you are really good...i especially like the one of you in the vest!