Saturday, May 15, 2010

Port Williams Spring Classic

The first race of the 2010 season is tomorrow. The Port Williams Spring Classic goes off Sunday in the Annapolis Valley under,hopefully,decent weather. Latest forecast looks promising but it is Nova Scotia. Weather changes on a dime.

It`s the first race under the new ability based categories so I am excited yet anxious to see how the racer turnout is for the new structure. I have a vested interest in a successful transition as I sit upon the BNS road committee that pushed through the change this past winter.

I am competing in the Cat C(sport)category designed for experienced club cyclists but not necessarily experienced racers. I am in the grey area between Cats in that I rank in the bottom quarter of the Cat B pack and usually get dropped at some point.It will be interesting to see the level of competition in the Cat C pack tomorrow. Guess it all depends on who races but I do not expect it to be an easy day on the bike.

I am looking at racing 70km over a relatively flat, rolling hills course.On paper it does not sound to intimidating but it will be a new route for me and I unsure of the condition of the pavement. Like most secondary NS roads it could be choppy.

Till then I am taking a healing day. Burnt my left hand quite badly this week in the kitchen and discovered a nasty(painful)hematoma on my right elbow yesterday. It was bruised from a previous ball hockey injury which I then re-injured Thursday night in another hockey incident.Thankfully the ball hockey season is over other than a couple more games playing nets to round out the extended season.

Race update to follow.

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