Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning

Managed to get in a good training day yesterday on the best Saturday of the young summer. As a result this morning I did a nice easy recovery ride down towards the coast. Quiet Sunday traffic meant it was a pleasant morning on the bike to spin out the legs.

Home to the back deck with a carafe of coffee enjoying the singing birds while admiring my green thumb handiwork from Saturday afternoon. Managed to plant some veggies in my modest garden plot and pot some flowers for the decks.

Yeah...I know. A nice morning but not very paleo. At least I drink my coffee black and I figure I deserve the honey after four consecutive days on the bike. To be honest I'm one of those who thinks honey is paleo. In fact I think our primal ancestors would have gone to great lengths to acquire honeycomb whenever possible. I figure they would have discovered eventually that smoke confuses honey bees which they would have used to facilitate any raid on the hive.

I think the afternoon will bring a relaxing day of watching some world cup soccer and soaking up some sunshine on the deck. Priceless!

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Cari said...

i just ordered the paleo diet book from amazon. i'm going to give it a go in hopes of feeling better overall. looking forward to it arriving!