Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Been darn quiet as of late so not much to blog about. Paleo is still working well though I have been a bad caveman this week while on vacation. Needless to say I have imbided upon a little to much alcohol(specifically beer)and some grain products, mostly of the granola/nutrigrain bar type thing.

Both have been in response to my training. It has been pretty hot and humid this week and I have done alot of mid day training during the height of the day's heat so the post ride beers and bars were well deserved indulgences.

Since I have been able to watch most of the TdF mountain stages I have been inspired to focus upon hill training in an attempt to get ready for the next BNS race scheduled in mid August. Breakaway Cycling's Race day is an one day stage race comprising of three events; a 18km time trial,45km(ish)road race and a 7 km hill climb. Sounds like a great event but I am well aware that holding events along the spine of central Nova Scotia means hills,lots of hills. It should be quite the challenge.

A week later the provincial ITT is being held in the Annapolis Valley. I had planned on volunteering to be the holder but a rail system devised for the Two Up time trial this month means I can race instead. With a set of aerobars ordered I will continue focusing my training on hill climbing but will also need to get aero and do some ITT training.

I devised a local route that facilitates both hills and time trialing. I time trial out Kearney Lake to the lower part of Hammonds Plains(recently widened)then on to the Bedford Highway. Along the way I veer off to do hill repeats along the Bedford Highway;Larry Utech, Flamingo Drive,Mount St. Vincent and then Main Avenue. Works out to be about 30 kms of pain and suffering depending on how many times I opt to climb the assortment of hills.

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Ian - TKOS said...

Sounds like you are in for a world of hurt, good fun hurt!

Saturday morning I will be headed to some hill climbs as well. Tantallon to Glen Arbour via exit 5. Oh the fun.