Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garfield Gilson Memorial Ride - Aug 28 2010

Official leadout by BG
A group on the road
EW and JM
JM along the lakes
BG and club mascot
A view from the back
 Five years ago Bicycles Plus Cycling Club lost a valued member, great team mate and I lost a good friend. Since then the club has hosted a memorial ride every summer to reflect upon the memory of  Garfield and a life ended way to soon. He is still missed!

 Today we had the pleasure of JG and BG(Garfield's son) at the beginning of the ride at Bicycles Plus. BG was on his new bike(compliments of BM, owner of Bikes Plus) dressed in his father's jersey and race numbers from the 2005 season. Once we heard some reflections on Garfield's life from CF, JG and JM two laps of the parking lot was completed(to the cheers of the assembled club) with BG as leadout and official ride leader in memory of his father.

GM,JC and mascot
Welcome back JJ
 The assembled riders then departed the shop on our usual Saturday morning club ride identical to that fateful club ride back in July of 2005 that ended so tragically with the passing of Garfield.

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Murray Yazer said...

George... thanks for the GG ride report. We wish we could have been there.