Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Paleo Staples - Dulse

Otherwise know as seaweed named Palmaria Palmata it is a sea vegetable loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Indigenous to the Northern oceans it can be found on coasts, bays and tidals pools across North America and Europe.

I'm currently enjoying a bag of Grand Manaan Dulse reportedly the best dulse on the market.....

"Grand Manan dulse is world famous because of the unique environment of the island. On the western side of the island, the high cliffs shade the dulse from the bright sunlight early in the day. The result is the highest quality "Dark Harbour Dulse". This dulse is darker, thicker, richer, and more flavourful than dulse grown anywhere else. This, along with cold, clear North Atlantic waters, creates the perfect growing conditions for this tasty treat."

Update - I have picked up a jar of dulse flakes which is ideal for adding sea vegetable to other foods or as use as a condiment spice. In fact I use in in lieu of salt on eggs and other dishes.

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