Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Paleo Staples - The "Slaws"

 Three of the paleo vegetables that form a essential part of this WOE is carrots, broccoli and cabbage. While under appreciated in most Western diets they are nutritional powerhouses. I have discovered the wonders of carrot, broccoli and cole(cabbage) slaw. Pre washed and shredded in Breatheway packaging(to extend freshness) all three offer high DV % of vitamin C and A while maintaining low carb amounts(5-6 grams). Retailing at $1:99 per 340 grams bag it is an easy and affordable way to get cruciferous vegetables and their potent anti cancer properties into your diet.

 I enjoy them raw out of the bag, added to salads and also stirfried with other vegetables(in coconut oil) along with ground poultry,lamb and beef. Served over a bed of fresh spinach it provides a simple nutritious meal.


Cari said...

wow! that's awesome how you can buy all those different kinds all made up and at a good price! we don't have that much variety here and i miss it!

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