Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Benefits of Sourdough

 Let me premise this post by acknowledging that advocating the benefits of a grain product on a paleo blog is somewhat odd. In researching the presence of anti nutrients in grains and the effect lectins can have on good health I discovered that traditional sourdough breads are the best choice if you need to eat bread or, like me, have family members who do not follow a paleo WOE.

"Fermented foods are oft lauded for their massive health benefits , including beneficial bacteria to balance your intestinal flora and easier digestion. Lactic acid fermentation not only helps to preserve food but also increases the nutrients available for our bodies."

"During the process of soaking and fermenting, gluten and other difficult-to-digest proteins are partially broken down into simpler components that are more readily available for absorption. If the fermentation process continues for long enough and the requisite bacteria are present then most if not all of the gluten may be broken down. This would explain why some gluten-intolerant people can digest sourdough bread without any symptoms of gluten allergy."

Since my family are grain eaters I have decided to offer them better choices so I decided to see if true sourdough was available in any of the local bakeries made with the traditional "starter". Fortunately I was able to discover a local bread made from unbleached whear flour,water,sea salt and natural sourdough. At $4.35 CDN a loaf, $2.75 a baquette it is more expensive but  is again a matter of quality over quantity and does support local business.

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Mike said...

Thanks for the tip, George. Could be an easy step to take in a family lifestyle... especially when we make 50% of the bread we eat. I know that sourdough is a labour of love and patience (and time!) to bake, so maybe this is the heads-up I need to get a starter started.