Friday, October 15, 2010

Facing Fears

 It took 47 years but today I exorcised a fear demon of mine when I gave blood at the Canadian Red Cross clinic held at my workplace. I know what you all think,shaking your heads, and saying..."whats the big deal"?

As a child I had a terrible experience in the hospital with a student nurse unable to find my vein and a veteran nurse and doctor also unable to get a good puncture.School innoculations were a dreadful experience and bolstered the strength of my personal demon. Ever since I have had a dread fear of needles and avoided them at all costs. If cornered in the doctor's office I asked not be shown any needle and freely presented my backside for any innoculation.

After watching my hand frozen by a flexible needle to set a boxer's fracture(curiousity trumped fear in that case) and, more recently, having blood taken after a serious bike crash as part of an overall physical in 2005 I still was unable to steel myself to the ultimate goal......having blood drawn in quantity in an entirely volunteered action.

Till today. It was calling for rain and wind so I decided not to cycle to work. A coworker in passing just mentioned that the Red Cross were setting up in a conference room and, coincidentally, I was curious what my blood type was after reading about the Eat Right For Your Type WOE while researching further the concepts of low carb diets. The stars were aligned so I sucked up the fear and made the long walk down the short corridor fully aware the men's room was on the route if I chickened out at the last minute.

 Needless to say the deed was done and it was not too bad. I did look away when the needle was placed but was quite comfortable afterwards and with my curiousity piqued questioned the blood retreival process from start to finish. No queasiness or dizziness and I felt fine afterwards. In truth it was pretty easy. Now I wait for my donor's card in anticipation of my blood type.

 Now I can say to my needle demon......"get thou behind me..."

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