Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Paleo Staples - Coconuts (part 2) Young Coconuts

  While foraging today I discovered young coconuts at Pete's Fruitique in Bedford. I have read how beneficial young coconuts are for health so picked one up and after seeing a "how to eat a young coconut" video on You Tube I gave it a try.
 Once you get through the outer husk and pierce the inner skin you drain off the water which is nature's all natural sports drink and one of the reasons why I have been seeking the young coconut.

 Once drained you split the coconut and scoop out the tender meat. Unlike a mature coconut the meat is not firm and actually semi soft or gelatinous.

  The flavor of the meat was somewhat neutral in my opinion but good nontheless. The water is what I was really interested in and has a flavor that I cannot explain. It is unique. Today I play goal for 2 hours of high intensity ball hockey so I will incorporate the coconut water into a homemade sports drink since I have stopped using the commercial drinks which, frankly, are just full of sugars.

 At $3:99 (cdn) per young coconut it is not cheap but in terms of  health benefits and a possible effective sports drink it is well worth the cost for those long days on the bike or hard efforts in the goal.

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