Friday, October 08, 2010

My Paleo Staples - Grass Fed Ground Beef

 The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is an ideal place to shop for paleo foods - specifically meats, seafood and free run eggs. I have recently purchased both medium and lean ground beef from Getaway Farms. Excellent product.

Getaway Farm's Medium Ground Beef

Looking to add some local lamb to the menu as well but can purchase grass fed New Zealand lamb from the local supermarkets which is defintely convienient in a pinch.

  Curious about the benefits of free range/grass fed beef?

  Both the beef(and/or lamb) stir fried with broccoli slaw and celery, eggs and Swiss chard are full of flavor and are a staple in my diet and an example of a pre (morning) training ride meal? No need to carb load hereabouts. Add a coffee with coconut milk and I am good to go.

  Update - I have also picked up grass fed beef from ESA farms which is selling Black Angus beef. Very nice!

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