Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Paleo Staples - Lamb

 This past weekend I visted the Windy View Farms kiosk at the farmer's market and purchased some local ground lamb. Despite my daughter's dismay at yours truly eating a "cute" lamb it was delicious with a delicate flavor. I have been buying New Zealand lamb which I found to be stronger in flavour but likewise delicious. Both will remain on my menu.

 The lamb is bought from adjacent farmers and prepared by Windy View farms for market. As with their onsite livestock the lamb is both free range and free run based upon the season. Perfect for everyone who wants local, additive free meats and poultry regardless of whether you follow a paleo WOE.


 Lamb is an excellent source of protein, zinck and other essential elements.



Jack said...

There is nothing like some fresh farm lamb bought direct from the farm. None of the supermarket rubbish that you don't know where it has come from!

100% said...