Monday, December 20, 2010

Nova Greens Part Two

 Having previously posted about my trial sample of Nova Greens Superfood Formula and finding the supplement quite tasty I went ahead and purchased the 30 sachets/box. For the record I firmly believe that good health is achieved through whole foods; the combinations and interactions of (phyto) nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that most specific supplements fail to offer.

 That said Naturally Nova Scotia offers an organic product that is comprised of many beneficial foods and traditional healing herbs. A quick glance at the substantial ingredients list indeed supports the claim that it is a superfood and, in terms of paleo nutrition, quite friendly. No fillers, dairy, gluten and soy byproducts.

 Supplements can be excellent stop gap measures or fill a (lacking) nutritional niche. These sachets are handy and portable and mix easily in water. Perfect for desk drawers, backpacks, purses and briefcases. Nutrition on the go for those days you can't always have access to the best of foods.

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