Saturday, December 04, 2010

Paleo Foraging At The Farmers Market

 Waking to another warm but grey wet December day I decided it was time to make the trip down to the Seaport Farmer's Market to restock my supply of paleo meats and other local goodies. I just didn't feel like a wet bike ride this morning and will go for a run later today to compensate.

 First stop was at one of my fav vendors - Getaway Farms - for a couple pounds of medium ground grassfed beef(frozen) but picked up some fresh beef liver.Liver is a highly nutritious food. Once home I sliced off a sliver of raw liver(yeah...I know) to taste test the flavor and it was not objectionable. In fact it was tender and rather sweet. Now I just need to figure out how to cook it like mother did when we were kids.I was always concerned about the quality of store bought, feed lot liver but knowing this is from a local grass fed, high quality producer puts my mind at ease.

On my entrance I noticed Boates had a booth seeling apples and ciders. I use their organic apple cider vinegar on occasion so picked up a single serving of the apple/pear cider. Delicious. Organic and UV pasturized(as opposed to heat pasturized) it was so good I opted to by a 4 litre jug.

Next stop was to acquire a dozen free range eggs. Produced by Coldspring Farm their eggs contain....
"No cages,no antibiotics, no meat/fish meal and no hormones."

A slow loop around the counter(cause it is so busy on a Saturday morning) found me at Cosman & Whidden's honey kiosk for a jar of their delicious unpasturized honey(more for the family than I but I do occasionally indulge in a sweet dollop in my coffee).

It was at that point I noticed a new meat vendor selling grass fed Angus beef from ESA Farms in Upper Musquodoboit.The neat thing is they had fresh ground beef just made yesterday.Nice!

"ESA Farms raises angus beef. Our animals are raised on pasture and fed grass and hay. We do not use bio-solids on our farm. Our animals are hormone free. We bring fresh beef every Saturday to the Seaport Farmers Market. Just look for the grey fence sign."

Definitely looking forward to taste testing the Angus beef(today)...the advantages of fresh not frozen. Ditto for the liver. I will google the best way to prepare it so it remains paleo as I think traditionally you bread it with flour. Till then I'll have another cup of dark roast with a smattering of honey to celebrate a good morning of foraging.

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Anonymous said...

Christ, you are turning into dad with the liver and all.