Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes You Need To Fall..... reaffirm your commitment. Let me premise my posting by wishing everyone a Happy Holidays to you and yours. Best wishes!

 The Christmas season always becomes my proverbial dietary Waterloo as the availability of snacks, drinks and other goodies seem to ambush me at every given opportunity. The stores are full of dietary temptations as are the workplaces and even within the confines of home.

  My fall into the nutritional gutter has been akin to the most subversive insurgency...a snack here, a little ice cream there, an innocent cookie, a little chocolate........before long I am throwing cautions to the wind and over indulging in foodstuffs I usually avoid. In my defense I have tried to limit my exposure to junk foods and have continued to balance cheats with good foods.Sadly it has become a losing battle having picked up ice cream on sale(for the kids I told myself) this week. I have been unable to stay away from the freezer and the blueberry and cookie dough dairy treats.

  Needless to say it all came to a head yesterday when I took a vacation day to travel down to the South Shore to visit my mother and sisters. It was a nice day and we all shared a home cooked meal that was delicious. Unfortunately it involved many of the foods I avoid;starches,legumes, gluten, PUFA oils and sugars. Unlike an infrequent cheat this was full on dietary adultery and my body is not happy today(wink).

  It`s a tough situation to be in when someone prepares a meal for you but it contradicts your personal WOE. Rather than seem unappreciative I enjoyed the meal fully expecting the reprecussions to follow. I was already experiencing some joint pain from my ice cream indulgences this past week but awoke today in one big knot of joint and muscle pain. To add to the joint inflamation was itchy, dry skin...especially on the side/back of neck, belly and behind my knees. My scalp has flared up as well and for the first time this winter my fingertips have begun to chap and split. I feel like I was hit by the bus I rode to work in this morning.

 Sometimes you need to fall of the wagon to remember how miserable you were in the past before you decided to take the necessary steps towards better nutrition. Perhaps the holiday season does serve a purpose after all......a way for me to reaffirm(through failure) my comittment to a simpler, low carb(paleo) diet for the upcoming New Year?

 I have descended into the dietary abyss and now must crawl my way back to the WOE that works for me all the while resisting the increased cravings that come from high carb eating. Despite the culinary snarls and traps at every corner I need to regain some semblance of dietary control in the remaining days of the holiday season.Wish me luck.


Cari said...

Oh good luck! I feel like I could have been the one to write this post! It's been really hard this whole month and we are off to Brisbane on holidays tomorrow and I don't see it getting any better! I'm determined to get some balance back in the coming days but will most definitely be refocused and strict with myself come the new year. It's amazing how different you can feel by simply eating a few foods! Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xo

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to resist all the foods that are pushed in front of you this time of year. It is hard enough to pass them up and even harder when someone is wanting you to taste and appreciate what they have made. I too feel like crap because of the overeating for the past three weeks. Enough of that though, today,Dec. 28th, I start fresh.