Friday, January 07, 2011

My Paleo Staples - Mussels

 One of my favorites any time of the year are local blue mussels. These wonderful molluscs are both affordable, available and nutritious.Cultivated mussels are also enviromentally friendly and a sustainable year round marine industry.

"Mussels offer several health benefits. They are high in B12 vitamins and provide a readily absorbed source of many other B & C vitamins, amino acids, vital minerals including iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc. They have more Omega 3 fatty acids than any other shellfish and far more than any other popular meat choice today. Mussels are much lower in Omega 6 fatty acids than any other popular meat choice. As an extra-lean meat, mussels are also low in sodium, fat and cholesterol and high in protein. Fifteen (15) mussels provide the equivalent protein of a 6-oz. steak."

Traditional local custom is to dip them in melted butter and/or vinegar but I enjoy them right out of the shell. Part of my paleo WOE is enjoying whole foods prepared simply but mussels can be steamed with wine, spices, herbs and even beer if you are so inclined. Delicious they only take minutes to steam in a double boiler and you capture the released juices in the pot. Excellent to use as a stock in chowders I drink the juice/soup right out of a mug. To be honest I enjoy the broth as much as the meat.

Affordable I can usually purchase local mussels between $1.50 - $1.99(CDN) a pound. Two pounds is more than enough to make a meal and would easily be an appetizer for two. Good for you and good for the enviroment. Win win!

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